Randomness & Analysis of Algorithms

Team leaders: Verónica Becher (AR) and Brigitte Vallée (FR)

The team is part of French-Argentinean International Research Project SINFIN (Université Paris 7-CNRS/Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET) which was created in 2019 as a continuation of the L.I.A. INFINIS (2011-2019).

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Description: Our team considers problems at the interface of mathematics and computer science, where the notion of randomness plays a central role. Randomness is a primitive notion in probability theory, and our team deals with two different perspectives on randomness, which share the same objects of study, namely automata, sequences, words and numbers.

Philippe Flajolet
Computer scientist and mathematician. Member of the Academy of Sciences, left us ten years ago, on March 22, 2011.

All of us, who work in the fields of mathematical informatics,
in France and abroad, we will not forget him. Philippe’s work accompanies us every day in our research and shows us the way.

Several members of this team worked hand by hand with Philippe Flajolet.

The institutions involved are:


Stic-AmSud 2020-2021 (RAPA2) Randomness and Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms.

Coordinators: Verónica Becher (Ar), Loïck Lhote (Fr) and Alfredo Viola (Ur).

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