AmSud: Randomness and Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms

This is a STIC-AmSud project.

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Coordinators: Verónica Becher (Ar), Loïck Lhote (Fr), Alfredo Viola (Ur)

Acronym: RAPA2
Period: 2020-2021

This project considers problems at the interface of computer science and mathematics, where the notion of randomness plays a central role. Randomness is a primitive notion in probability theory, but that does not suffice to determine how to answer questions such as when a given mathematical object should be considered random, or how an algorithm will behave on a random input. These two examples evidence two different perspectives on randomness, and each of them corresponds to a research line of this project. These two perspectives on randomness meet on the same objects: words, numbers, polynomials, sequences, dynamical systems, [hyper]graphs, etc, which are the fundamental structures in computer science. This project is mainly identified with the recently created team “Randomness and Analysis of Algorithms” of the Laboratoire International Associé SINFIN (formerly called INFINIS), Université Paris Diderot-CNRS / Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET. There are also new members that are close to the two research lines. They bring with them new methodological skills on graphs and their applications.

Members of RAPA2


  • Ali Akhavi, Université de Caen (GREYC)
  • Valérie Berthé, CNRS and Université Paris Diderot (IRIF)
  • Olivier Bodini, Université Paris 13 (LIPN)
  • Olivier Carton, Université Paris Diderot (IRIF)
  • Julien Clément, CNRS and Université de Caen (GREYC)
  • Julien Courtiel, Université de Caen (GREYC)
  • Julien David, Université Paris 13 (LIPN)
  • Matthieu Dien, Université de Caen (GREYC)
  • Antoine Genitrini, Université UPMC (LIP6)
  • Serge Grigorieff, Université Paris Diderot (IRIF)
  • Frédéric Paccaut, Université de Picardie Jules Verne
  • Vlady Ravelomanana, Université Paris Diderot (IRIF)
  • Brigitte Vallée, CNRS and Université de Caen (GREYC)


  • Pablo Rotondo, Universidad de la República
  • Ezequiel Maderna, Universidad de la República


  • Antonio Cafure, CONICET, Universidad Nac. de Gral. Sarmiento
  • Eda Cesaratto, CONICET, Universidad Nac. de Gral. Sarmiento
  • Martín Safe, CONICET, Universidad Nac. del Sur

Students and Ph. D. students

  • Francisco Castro (Uruguay)
  • Luca Cadeddu (Univ. Nac. de Gral. Sarmiento, Arg.)
  • Ignacio Mollo (Uruguay)
  • Natalia Pesaresi (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Octavio Perez Kempner (Uruguay)
  • Bruno Scarone (Uruguay)
  • Maximiliano Montiglio (Uruguay)
  • Matí Leal (Uruguay)
  • Adrián Silveira (Uruguay)
  • Bruno Hernández (Uruguay)
  • Gabriel Thibeault (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Sergey Dovgal (Université Paris-Nord, France, PhD student)


Kick-off meeting: Colonia (Uruguay), March 30 – April, 4, 2020.