Virtual Meeting – STIC AMSUD RAPA2 Project/RAOFA-SINFIN

Organiser: Loïck Lhote

With the help of Eda Cesaratto and Pablo Rotondo

Tuesday, December 7th

  • 9h30-10h30 / 13h30-14h30 : Olivier Carton
    Group Normality. Slides
  • 11h30-12h / 15h30-16h : Valérie Berthé
    Dynamics of Ostrowski’s numeration: Limit laws and Hausdorff dimensions. Slides
  • 10h30-11h30 / 14h30-15h30 : Pablo Rotondo
    Lochs index. Slides
  • 12h00 / 16:00 : discussions about the project

Wednesday, December 8th

  • 9h30-10h30 / 13h30-14h30 : Veronica Becher
    Perfect necklaces
  • 10h30-11h15 /14h30-15h15 : Martin Safe
    Circularly compatible ones and proper circular-arc bigraphs. Slides
  • 11h15-12h00 / 15h15-16h00 : Matthieu Dien
    Scrabble : String Correlations Recurrences Analysis By Border’s Language Equations. Slides
  • 12h-12h30 / 16h-16h30 : Brigitte Vallée
    Possible directions for future works on probabilistic sources. Slides

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